Fujifilm GFX50s – First Impressions

Foreword This is not a fully fledged review. If you are after a comprehensive analysis by someone who has spent weeks with the GFX you will be bitterly disappointed. What you will find here are honest first impressions by a not-so-very-technical guy who makes a living with photography. Chances are that I got some things wrong in the little time that I had with the camera. I will trust you take my musings with a grain of salt. In the […]

Claire & David’s Wedding

Claire and David had me at ‘would you like to photograph our wedding?‘. Putting me in a helicopter to buzz around the mountains with them was not needed to convince me, but who am I to deny them their wedding wishes? 🙂 The chain of events that stranded me in one of the most photogenic places in the world started somewhere else. I have known Claire and David for as long as I have been in New Zealand. David and I […]

Mel & Tim’s Engagement

Friends visiting from the other side of the world must be one of my favourite things. Naturally I was elated when Mel and Tim announced themselves last year. We have known each other since the dawn of time. Over the past decade we were lucky to be able to meet up in random places around the world for little adventures. The next one turned out to be a home game for me! We immediately started making plans to tour around […]

Frankenpack – A Pain-Free Photo Backpack Mod

How to combine an ergonomic day pack and a camera insert to create a pain-free alternative to classic photography backpacks. I’m 38 years old, and I’m a bit of a wreck. A lifetime spent behind a desk combined with bad luck playing the genetic lottery will do that to you. I love tramping (aka hiking, if you are a non-Kiwi), but years ago I was not enjoying the experience any more. Back and neck pain had finally caught up with […]

Plan B

When a tropical storm sneaks up on your tramping adventure, you better have a backup plan. It was just before Easter when cyclone Cook slowly bumbled along the east coast and right into our long anticipated trip. Instead of packing, our evenings were spent with weather forecasts. Plans were amended, and nails were bit. The forecasts all seemed to agree that things were not looking quite as dire in the north-west corner of the South Island. Simultaneously however, the talking heads in the news were […]

Moraine Terrain

In war as in tramping there is one rule: No man left behind! So how did we end up on top of our little pile of rubble with one person missing? Let’s start at the beginning … My lovely Better Half (she asked me to capitalise due to her significance) and I enjoy open tops tramping. The biggest commitment to staying on tracks usually involves getting through a stretch of otherwise impenetrable New Zealand bush. Once above tree-line we tend […]

Atmospheric Tantrums

Dear summer, where are you? I’m the first to admit that performing under pressure can be hard. But then I look at the calendar and can’t help but wonder where you are and what you are doing. Are you even thinking of us lately? Sure, you teased us for a few days. But by the time I had dug out my shorts, I needed to turn on the heater once again. The heater. In January! Don’t get me started on […]

Secret Spots

A few weeks ago a friend and I were exploring the old war bunkers and gun emplacements at Godley Head in Christchurch. At one of the sites we ran into a guy who mentioned that there had been secret concerts there in the past. We thought to ourselves what an amazing location this would be to listen to music and take in the environment. Imagine my delight when I saw that a few local bands announced a surprise gig at […]

Landscape Photography Gibberish

When I started out in landscape photography I did not have a clue what I was doing. I mashed the shutter button on my camera in the expectation that, surely, the result would look exactly the way I remembered the scene. Then there were all those smug veteran photographers with their amazing images that all looked so effortless. I always wondered how much of these unique looks were achieved straight out of camera, and how much of it was done at […]

Workshop Galore

Isn’t it interesting where life takes us sometimes? The other day I was walking along one of the most beautiful valleys on planet Earth with a group of like-minded people. It was 6am, freezing cold, and the stars were giving way to the first blue hues of an icy morning. Landscape photography guru Rob Dickinson was squawking out of a little radio attached to my backpack. Behind me was a daisy-chain of camera crazies who had put a surprising degree […]