Erica & Jonny’s Engagement

They say that doctors make the worst patients. So when two seasoned photographers like Erica and Jonny approached me for photos, I was mildly worried. Before we dive deeper into that thought, let’s take a step back for introductions.

These two love-birds are hard to describe in a single sentence, since they seem to defy the laws of time and space. For us mere mortals photography by itself is plenty to keep us busy. For Erica and Jonny their photography business is just a warm-up.To keep things interesting, both of them are also architectural designers.

Let’s start with Erica. Just to make sure that every second of her 36-hour day is used wisely, Erica has another job: She runs Christchurch. At least that’s how I like to explain it. As Event Awesomist (coolest title ever) at Ministry of Awesome she organizes community events, connects entrepreneurs, and generally dabbles in just about every public event you have ever heard of, including the ones you have never heard of. She is half bubble of joy, half event manager, half photographer and half architect. That’s enough for two people, right?

Then there’s Jonny. He is the creative force behind Peanut Productions. Since working only a single job is a mark of underachievement to be avoided at any cost, he is currently about to finish his architecture studies. A parallel career in architecture will spare him from having to do distracting things like sleeping, eating and breathing.

These two multi-talents made a wise decision recently. They finally decided that by the powers of synergy and chemistry they could be more than the sum of their parts. Hence project management decided that engagement photos were needed 🙂

So one fine day we had a talk that went something like this:

Erica: “Hey Dennis, we are these super-seasoned wedding photographers who need engagement photos. Keep in mind that we have that thing for architecture, and an intimate connection with Christchurch. We would like you to capture all of that for us.”

Dennis, trying to calm his shaky hands: “Hmkay”

Fast forward a few weeks: Locations were discussed, a date set and photos taken. I am glad to confirm that the saying about doctors being terrible patients does not apply to superhuman, event-organizing photo-architects. Quite the opposite is true, in fact. I’ve known Erica and Jonny for a little while, (it’s hard taking part in Christchurch public life without knowing them), and it was a special treat to see them striking a pose in front of the camera. Easy smiles, a finely tuned sense for mischief and never-ending patience made my job the easiest thing in the world. If they ever find spare time in their lives I will suggest a career in modelling 🙂

So thank you Erica and Jonny, it was so much fun spending the afternoon with you. The air was buzzing with your positive energy, and I have no doubt in the world that you will find all the happiness life could possibly have in store for anyone.


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