Mel & Tim’s Engagement

Friends visiting from the other side of the world must be one of my favourite things. Naturally I was elated when Mel and Tim announced themselves last year. We have known each other since the dawn of time. Over the past decade we were lucky to be able to meet up in random places around the world for little adventures. The next one turned out to be a home game for me! We immediately started making plans to tour around the North Island together, go tramping, and do some photography. Yes, Tim is a denizen of the photo tribe as well.

Suffice to say that I was closely following their tour. One morning Tim sent me a picture from a recent tramping trip. They had just visited Earnslaw Burn, literally climbing under and over fallen trees for two days. The picture showed the following: A beautiful valley, rolling mountain ranges in the distance, and my two pretties involved in some shenanigans. Closer inspection revealed that Tim was taking a knee in front of Mel. Holy cow, was this really what I was thinking it was? Tim soon confirmed that it was not another one of their weird jokes, but the real deal. Mind = blown in a really good way 🙂

On Mr and Mrs Wagner-to-be’s return to Christchurch we had a few teary-eyed hugs. Since photos from back in the day are always a great way to embarrass the kids, I dragged them to Taylors Mistake for a quick engagement session. I hope the results will be good material to freak out the offspring with one fine day.

Congratulations again to those two. I can’t wait to see what adventures life has in store for them next.

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